Friday, March 13, 2015

Halloween 2014

Last Fall, we managed to check some more things off of our Fall "bucket list". One of them was visiting a pumpkin patch at a local farm. Serenity's school had a field trip to this farm, and I decided to take time off work to volunteer to be a driver, since I didn't want to miss Serenity's first field trip (my mom went along as well). Serenity was beyond thrilled that her BFF, Samantha, was going in the car with us. It was a beautiful Fall day, in a lovely location, with a bunch of excited kids, so it made for a good day.
Gigi, Samantha, and Serenity

tractor ride to the pumpkin patch

Serenity and Samantha
After we rode the tractor to the pumpkin patch, the kids got to get out and run around to "pick" a pumpkin. The kids promptly gave the pumpkins to the adults, and we all got to lug them around. So my role for that day was basically a glorified pack mule/driver. LOL.

After the pumpkin pick, we looked at some of the local farm animals in the pens, and then the kids got to play on the playground and get dirty. We all piled back in the cars, went back to the school, where the kids enjoyed a snack of carrots, juice, and a Halloween cookie. All in all, Serenity was a very happy camper.
group shot

A few days later, the school had a Halloween parade, so I took more time off from work (#WorkingMomProblems) to attend their cute program. It was fun to see the kids parade into the big room with their cute and creative costumes. Serenity was thrilled to dress up as Ariel (the Little Mermaid) in a "party" dress and tiara, and with her bright red wig, you sure couldn't miss her! After all the various grades paraded in, they gave the visiting parents a concert of Halloween songs, and some of the older kids performed on their recorders. Some of the parents even got into it, and came in their costumes as well! I was actually going to dress up a little myself, but my costume plans went kaput. Better luck next year, I guess!

Serenity the Little Mermaid
This was Serenity's first time of understanding what Halloween was really about, so her excitement for trick-or-treating was big. Strider just kind of goes along with his sister, but next Halloween, his excitement will definitely be his own. Strider was pretty happy about looking like a NASCAR driver, and of course his beloved puppy has to come along!

Like last year, we went to my friend, Brooke's church for "Trunk or Treat". It's low-key, safe, and just perfect for little kids. My kids have it very easy....I use to freeze every Halloween, up in Massachusetts, when we had to walk from house to house (usually in the rain), and sometimes drive to more family-friendly (i.e. safe) neighborhoods.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr-in-training

Serenity as Ariel (with her Ariel doll)
We met up with Brooke, Jorgen, and their adorable boy, Carter. Serenity always likes to look after "baby Carter", which is incredibly cute to see in person. Serenity really relishes her role as the "big kid" to the little ones! LOL. Unfortunately, Halloween was on a weekday, and it also happened to be the day that Strider refused to take a nap at daycare. As a result, he was cranky, tired, and not in a trick-or-treating mood. So, we basically just carried him around, and" trick-or-treat"ed on his behalf.
My mom came along, and got to see what "Trunk or Treat" (strictly a Southern thing) was all about, and both my kids wound up with a small pile of candy that lasted them about 3 months. After the trick-or-treat part, Strider was able to rally and the "3 Amigos" (Dale Jr, Ariel, and Mickey) enjoyed jumping on the bounce house they had there. It was a lovely night, and we can't wait to go back next Halloween!
Strider, Serenity, Carter

Me, Serenity, and Brooke (I love this photo!)

The Felt Family and my mom