Monday, May 25, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

Okay, it's taking me a while, but I'm finally winding down the 2014 recap. In November last year, Serenity got a special surprise, when her buddy, Erin came to our house for supper. Occasionally, Erin's mom, Shiloh and I try to get the girls together, because they practically grew up together in Miss Tina's daycare.
Serenity and Erin
We took a trip to NC (as we try to do monthly), and we did a belated birthday celebration for Strider, with Gram and Aunt Nita. We got to see Uncle Ruby, and see the land cleared out for the log cabin to be built on someday.
Celebrating with cupcakes!

Storytime with Uncle Ruby

Log cabin will go here

Serenity took this picture
After the NC trip, I got a special treat by spending the afternoon with my buddy, Donna. She and I went to a local chocolate festival, and indulged in some yummy samples and some kind of chocolate liquor concoction. It was low-key, fun, and well worth the extra calories. My mom appreciated the macaroons I brought home, and the kids loved the gourmet popcorn. I also brought home something for Brad, but it escapes my mind what it was.
Pseudo-twins, me and Donna
Finally, at the end of the month, as we have every Thanksgiving, since Brad and I got married eight years ago, we host his family for Thanksgiving dinner. I really loved that we've been able to keep up this tradition, and I think his family looks forward to coming down for a visit every year. It's a lot of cooking for me, during the week, but they're so appreciative of it, that I really don't mind. Everyone pitches in to make Thanksgiving dinner, and we all enjoy each other's company (9 of us!!) in our small home. This year, they were having a big discount for Christmastown at Busch Gardens, so we managed to squeeze in a trip to the amusement park. It ended up being drizzly and cold, but Strider got to ride on some kiddie rides for the first time, and all three kids got to visit Santa at his workshop.
The Felt Family, and Mum, at Busch Gardens

Serenity took this picture of me

Visiting the penguins
This was as close to Santa, as Strider got. Strider asked for some Hot Wheels, and then the poor kid waiting around after the picture was taken to get his Hot Wheels. I guess none of us did a very good job of explaining that he has to wait for actual Christmas, before he gets what he asked Santa for. I felt like such a heel. Thankfully, we did not have a meltdown!
This is as close as I get, Santa!

On Thanksgiving, I put Brad's mom in charge of the gravy. For some reason, I have yet to be able to make turkey gravy from scratch. This was my mom's first Thanksgiving with us, so she got to see how we do it, Felt/Recor-style. LOL.

Thanksgiving dinner
While, Brad's family's was visiting, Brad got to break out his tattoo kit, and he and his brother's Jason each gave themselves new tattoos. I did not partake, as there is nothing that comes to mind for something I want to put on my body permanently.

Brad's tattoo

Jason's tattoo
One of the best things about this yearly visit, is that Serenity and Strider get to play with their cousin, Madison, all week. Those three are thick as thieves, when they're together, and it gives me a break from being the kids' constant source of entertainment. Madison showed Serenity the joys of dressing up, and striking diva poses.

Well, that's it for November! I have a Christmas post to do, and then we'll close out 2014. After that, I'll summarize 2015 to date, and we'll be all caught up! Thanks for being so patient. :^)