Friday, February 6, 2015

Strider's 3rd Birthday

My little man decided it was high time he turned 3, so last October, that's what he did. Naturally, when Strider was asked what kind of birthday party he wanted, his response was "race cars". Since making cupcakes is my hobby, I thought I would be a clever mom by browsing Pinterest for cupcake ideas for his party, and came upon a race car cake made out of cupcakes. "It's brilliant AND do-able!". I thought. Well, I had some issues putting it together, but it came out not too bad for my first time. I mentally gave myself a pat on the back, until I showed Strider, and asked him if it looked like a race car. His response? A flat out "No.". Sigh....nothing like giving the mommy ego a black eye, kid. LOL. It's really my fault, because at the time, he wasn't too familiar with Formula One racecars, just NASCAR, and regular cars that looked "super fast". Ah well, he did enjoy eating it, as did the other kids at his party. 
I'm a racecar! Really!!
Brad grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs in the backyard, and we had some "racing" theme the Oreos (Strider's favorite) were called "spare tires", and the cooler full of drinks, was called the "refueling station". Again, I really have to credit Pinterest for those ideas. LOL. The party favors were orange construction cones crammed with little toys and candy, that my mom painstakingly made out of construction paper and aluminum foil.
party decor

Oooo, fruit!
Strider wasn't too certain about sharing his precious cars and Hot Wheels tracks with the other kids, but he managed. (**smile**) He had some heavy anticipation for a cupcake, so as soon as most everyone had some lunch, we didn't keep the poor kid waiting any longer than we had to. Learning from previous experiences, where he got upset over people singing the "Happy Birthday" song, I just asked everyone to just say "Happy Birthday, Strider!", on the count of three. That worked out well, and we avoided an unhappy birthday boy!
Boy power!

Waiting so patiently for his cake 

Felt family picture!!
I'll spare you the 50 pictures we took of Strider opening and playing with his gifts from generous friends and family. Suffice to say that he was a very, very happy boy because most everything was car- or monster truck-related. And if you'll notice that he was wearing his Superman t-shirt because, in more ways than one, he really is a super kid!

STRIDER'S CURRENT LIKES: Hot Wheels, NASCAR, Monster Jam, watching YouTube videos of Hot Wheels, watching his Mater Tall Tales video, eating cookies, M&Ms, cupcakes, french fries, mashed potatoes, yogurt smoothies, squeezy pouches (banana blueberry), wearing his Lightning McQueen slippers, playing "Simon Says", playing the "Match" game (Go Fish variation), playgrounds, crazy straws, imitating his big sister, puppies (real and stuffed), bouncing on the bed/couch, closing his eyes so you can't "see" him, taking baths, storytime, going on the potty like a "big boy", being picked up, climbing into Mommy's or Grandma's lap, and tickle "fights" with Daddy.

STRIDER'S CURRENT DISLIKES: being told "No", taking his daily aspirin, going to bed (although sometimes he asks for a nap. LOL), eating most fruits and all vegetables and some meats (or anything that looks "weird"), singing, not being able to buy a Hot Wheels car with EVERY visit to a store, Serenity going first with anything, loud noises, and getting out of the bathtub.